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The profession of Oes Tsetnoc working online either as a developer, designer or development specialist remains a mystery to some, but the question commonly posed remains "What makes oes tsetnoc so special?" It draws both professionals and amateurs, hobbyists turned web gurus, to a proving ground unlike those seen in ancient times or modern warfare, where all the weapons and tools can be obtained closing any technical gap leaving nothing between the classes but talent and desire. Creative ability is a gift that some can practice at, faking a few tricks here, using an include there. The real playing field involves manipulation, patience and and finely tuned sixth sense centered on text files broken up, hopefully, by intriguing imagery.

That said, some contestants contend that following specific sets of rules concerning the movements and behavior of the search engine spider, produces a particular result, almost mathematically predictable. Though belief in consistent outcomes produces confidence, experience shows a more organic, nearly emotional approach, like writing "Love Letters" to Google in html. Sounds like a bunch of filler doesn't it? It's not. Bringing human personality and having control over content assures we alone are ultimately responsible for supplying fresh eyes and hands to monitors and mice around the world including a game plan for their visits. Continuing to monitor SERPs day-by-day, actually, driving everyone else crazy first, oes tsetnoc after that, then before the shower, several times before bed and that excludes waterproof laptop covers for bathtime.

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