October 28, 2009

Oes tsetnoc

In the last few months, SEO news and tricks have been flying around like bats at Halloween but now oes tsetnoc, seo contest words reversed, allows some of us to compare and test our skills to possibly get a quick $1000 for doing what we do. The trick for promoting entry site has been not tainting the page rank for other sites in the network, watering down the already thin mixture of design and division, making fresh content from old articles and pages plus raising our relevancy for that term.

Some guidelines to oes tsetnoc

First, you have to specify which page is going to win so no matter what page you get into the search engine results, you don't place if theat page doesn't appear in the top three. The rules allow for changing your URL, but only up to ten days before the deadline. Second, it has to be Google, not Bing or Yahoo. Got to shoot for the stars. Last thing for now, the contest is open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE with a website, the winning sites (1st, 2nd and 3rd domains placing) are competing against the world. As far as satisfaction is concerned, landing anywhere between 1-30 will be fine, no amount of prize money can reward a job well done and the knowledge that you can create ANYTHING with great results... no pun intended. Personally, if either site gets into the top ten I may be unbearable for a while.


We can use it you can back link for us. Please use only the contest term and link it to http://str8.us/ or http://oestsetnoc.name/ - just the domain.
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